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Welcome to the business of indoor playgrounds, party centers, fun centers, and soft contained playground equipment.  Of course, when starting an indoor party center, most new amusement developers want to include a variety of fun activities, including an indoor playground, party rooms, arcade or redemption games, perhaps a mini-climbing wall, concessions and other soft activities that can help facilitate a fun, safe, community play environment. 

Call it what you want, jungle gym, soft play, contained play, soft climbing structure, indoor play equipment or that tubes and slides thingy...  soft contained indoor playgrounds are still the number one party center driver for the 10 and under demographic.

New amusement developers who wish to incorporate an indoor playground need to consider a couple of points.  Budget, ceiling height, space planning and of course the activity mix within the indoor play structure itself. These four points are really the most important initial questions that need to be answered and will help both you and your chosen playground equipment design company get the right indoor playground structure for your party center business.


Soft contained playgrounds are not inexpensive and can run well into the $250,000 plus range for a large, fully interactive ball-shooting-wack of fun for 200-300 kids or more, not including any serious amount of playground themeing for that indoor playground equipment or your fun center facility.

But how do you chose which indoor playground is the right one for you?  If you can’t get out to visit the top 5 or so indoor playground manufacturers and see their construction process and materials, how can you ensure your fun center has the right playground for your business goals?  Read on friends, read on... Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor Playgrounds - Starting the Business

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